Explaining the CTMU (Cognitive Theoretic Model Of The Universe).

Part 1: Beginnings And The Nature Of What Begins:

The Birth of the Universe.

Predating the Big bang (what is understood to be the birth of the universe) Physicists, Philosophers and Theologians alike have all sort to explain (with varying degrees of success) what existed before the universe and what gave rise to it (what premeditated it). For philosophers, many would be forced to admit that it could not literally have been nothing that predated and gave rise to the universe (nothing as in no single thing).

Enter UBT:

Quantum foam actually gives way to a more rich concept found in CTMU known as Unbound Telesis (UBT) literally meaning, unbounded purpose. UBT is very much like Quantum foam in that it is a purely undefined realm free of informational constraint, that is, it is completely unconstrained and is capable of taking on the nature of any definition, meaning, ontology or structure.

Reality perceiving itself.

Coherency Is Good, Incoherency is evil.

With a final word on UBT, since it always exists (is always present) because it is the the logical negation of logic (Logic's antithesis) it exists as a neccessary complement to logic, and reality is constantly defining itself from out of it.

Reality As a Mind.

The CTMU proves that reality is a self aware, self conscious construct, aka it is intelligent. In order to show this, one will have to have a definition of what intelligence is. Deep learning is a field of Machine learning that uses many layered neural networks (mathematical objects that approximate the neural networks of the brain, which are mathematical themselves).

A diagram of electron energy transfers.

Unavoidable Self Reference In Logic.

An example of a semantic tautology.

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